Jefferson Gathu and his Crossroads Prison Ministries Kenya team face great challenges in their work to share the hope of the Gospel with men and women in prison. But it’s nothing compared to the difficulties the men and women they serve face day in and day out. Prison overcrowding, incarcerated mothers trying to care for their children behind bars, and lack of good medical care are among the realities of life in Kenyan prisons.

Currently, the Crossroads Kenya team hand delivers Bible studies and encouraging letters to about 400 incarcerated men and women in the Crossroads program, while also meeting tangible needs for many more prisoners.

“We not only look at the spiritual aspect, but we look at the whole man,” Gathu said. “Last year Crossroads Kenya provided free medical services in several prisons. We have women who have gone there with their kids. These kids do not have clothes. They do not have shoes. So we go in and help those kids.”

Despite difficulties, disappointments and the many needs of the people they serve, Crossroads Kenya perseveres in this important work. “When we touch one person and that person turns away from sin and accepts Jesus as their Savior, we have shaped the destiny of that person in the eternity,” Gathu said. “If we do not go, who will go? God called us for this, and we have to keep going.”

Watch Jefferson discuss the unique joys and challenges of ministering in Kenyan prisons in this short video: