Our mentorship program connects men and women in prison with people on the outside, like you. These mentors help prisoners study and understand the Bible. They also write encouraging letters that remind people in prison of God’s love and hope.

Study God’s Word with people who are in prison.

We believe that we are not meant to study God’s Word alone. That is why our mentorship program connects prisoners with mentors who help them study and understand the Bible. The mentors’ encouraging letters are the heart of the ministry and remind people in prison that they are not forgotten and that they are deeply loved by God.

You can impact prisoners’ lives as a Crossroads mentor from anywhere in the United States.

As a Crossroads mentor, you will:

  • Review students’ Bible study lessons and offer encouraging comments
  • Write uplifting and hope-filled letters to your students
  • Pray for your students

You don’t need to be a Bible expert to be a Crossroads mentor. If you have a little time in your schedule and a lot of love in your heart, you can make an impact in the life of a prisoner!