You are engaged in a Christ-centered ministry that Jesus pointedly asked the Church to pursue: discipling and caring for men and women in prison. The transitional nature of prison life can make that difficult. We can help by providing:

Long-term discipleship

Regardless of where our students are transferred, they can continue the program with the same mentors helping them study the Bible and grow in their faith.

Yard event follow-up

The program also acts as a great follow-up to yard events, giving new Christians sustained guidance as they begin to follow Christ.

New to the ministry?

Would you like to begin partnering with us to help men and women in prison connect with those on the outside in Christ-centered relationships?

If you are interested in learning more about partnering with us, please call 800.668.2450 and follow the prompts to talk to a staff member or follow the link below to request an information packet:

Already a partner with Crossroads?

If you need more enrollment forms or would like to request any other Crossroads materials, please follow the link below. Questions? Contact chaplain@cpministries.org (if you are a chaplain) or partner@cpministries.org (if you are a ministry partner). You can also call (800) 668-2450 and follow the prompts to talk to a staff member.

Need additional devotional resources?

We partner with Our Daily Bread Ministries (ODB) to provide daily devotionals to our students. To sign up someone in prison to receive ODB’s quarterly devotional publication, or to order them in bulk, click the button below. You can also go to www.ODB.org to explore the full range of free resources they provide.