Pictured above: The Crossroads Benin team

French-speaking African countries now have access to one of Crossroads Prison Ministries’ best Bible study courses. A months-long translation project of Who Are You? is complete, and Crossroads extension centers in Africa will soon introduce these lessons to Crossroads students.

Who are You? introduces students to the truth that God loves them and assures them that if they follow Christ, they can experience a new, full life through Him. The course centers around the big questions in life from a biblical perspective: “Who am I?,” “Why am I here?” and “Where am I going with my life?”

The lessons are designed to encourage students to open up about themselves so their mentors can offer specific encouragement and prayer for them. The course has been well-received by both students and mentors in other countries, and African Crossroads extension centers are excited to introduce the content to their French-speaking students.

“This will be a huge blessing to our brothers and sisters in French-speaking countries in Africa,” said Jefferson Gathu, Africa regional director for Crossroads. “We will be able to reach many people of God behind bars.”

The course will make an immediate impact in Benin where most Crossroads students primarily speak African French. “The translation will facilitate a good understanding of the courses for the students,” said Merveil Vihouegni, director of Crossroads Benin. “It will allow us to bring the Crossroads courses into the other French-speaking countries of Africa. It will also ensure that the program is better accepted by the local churches and that the students will be more motivated and interested in the program.”

The French translation was developed through a partnership with Raise Up Global Ministries and its team of translators. Who are You? is also available in English, Spanish, Swahili and Mandarin.