God loves you. That is the theme of this first set of courses. When students have completed Tier 1, they will have a basic understanding of Jesus’ life, God’s love for them, the attributes of God and God’s plan for salvation. When students are done with this introductory coursework, they will be able to describe what happened in Jesus’ life, identify verses that point to who God is and describe the Gospel to those around them. They will also understand who they are in God’s eyes: men and women worthy of God’s love.

Tier 1 Courses

Tier 1 Courses

Who Are You?

This course introduces students to the truth that God loves them and assures them that if they follow Christ, they can experience a new, full life through Him. The course centers around the big questions in life from a biblical perspective: “Who am I?,” “Why am I here?” and “Where am I going with my life?” Also available in Spanish, Swahili, Mandarin, African French, Thai and Nepali.


Who Is Jesus?

This course provides an overview of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus. It teaches students the good news that Jesus was not just a teacher or a prophet; He is fully God, fully man and the reigning King over all creation.


What Is the Bible?

This course provides a foundation for reading and studying the Bible. It contains an overview of the Bible’s story and structure, offering guidance to those who are new believers or who have had no previous exposure to God’s Word.


Great Truths of the Bible

This course discusses and explains the central truths of Christianity. It contains 12 lessons that teach 50 great truths found in the Bible. Also available in Spanish, Swahili and Mandarin.


  • Lesson 1: What the Bible Teaches Us about God (Click to View a Sample)
  • Lesson 2: How We Can Learn about God
  • Lesson 3: The Creation of Humanity and Its Fall into Sin
  • Lesson 4: Only God Can Save Humanity from Sin
  • Lesson 5: Jesus Christ, Our Savior, Is Truly Human and also Truly God
  • Lesson 6: What the Bible Says about Salvation
  • Lesson 7: What the Bible Says about Following Jesus as Our Lord
  • Lesson 8: The Holy Spirit and the Christian Life
  • Lesson 9: What the Bible Says about Relationships
  • Lesson 10: What the Bible Says about the Church
  • Lesson 11: What the Bible Says about Failures, Frustrations and Faithfulness
  • Lesson 12: The Kingdom of God and the World to Come