Despite living in different states, two sisters, Claudia and Florence, have discovered a shared purpose in encouraging people behind bars through Crossroads Prison Ministries’ correspondence-based mentorship program.

Claudia began volunteering with Crossroads sixteen years ago alongside her late husband, Paul, who served as a mentor until his sudden passing in 2017. The couple’s initial encounter with Crossroads during a church meeting in 2008 ignited a passion for sharing the Word of God with people in prison.

“We both loved the idea of being part of sharing the Word with prisoners and bringing light to their lives at a time that can be so dark,” Claudia said.

After Paul passed away, Claudia had to take a break from mentoring. “We had so many memories together with Crossroads,” she said. “But as soon as I could, I returned, as I longed to do meaningful things with the free time God gave me, and Crossroads is one of those things.”

Florence was inspired to join Crossroads after witnessing the impact it had on Claudia and Paul. She signed up as a mentor in 2019. The correspondence-based program has provided a meaningful way for her to do ministry despite her health challenges.

“I always thought it seemed super interesting and a great thing to do. It does not require having to go out or having a specific appointed time. With chronic health issues, it’s hard for me to do ministry that requires going out consistently,” she said.

Reflecting on what she has learned through mentoring, Florence shared, “All the lessons speak something to me. But compassion and remembering those who have lost everything is the most profound lesson I have learned.” She encourages other Christians to consider mentoring through Crossroads, emphasizing the spiritual benefits that come from helping others understand God’s Word.

Claudia echoed this sentiment, saying, “I tell anyone who is interested what a blessing reviewing lessons for Crossroads is to both the prisoners and to myself.”

She added, “Things are organized in such a way that I feel safe. The letter of scriptural and spiritual encouragement that I write along with each lesson is a personal touch that I believe means a lot to the person who receives it. Though I do not physically visit the prison, I still feel that I am doing what Jesus was teaching in Matthew 25:36 when He speaks of visiting and caring for those in prison as being as if we visited and cared for Him.”


As a correspondence-based ministry, Crossroads provides the opportunity to serve people in prison from the safety and comfort of your own home. If you sense God calling you to bring hope to those behind bars, consider applying to become a Crossroads mentor today.


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