David is locked up in a prison in Missouri. For about a year, he has been growing in his relationship with Jesus through the Crossroads mentorship program.

But it’s been difficult to stay involved in the program. David has struggled to pay for the stamps to return his completed Bible studies to Crossroads. He would often trade food from his meal tray for stamps so he could continue his lessons.

Thanks to the generosity of Crossroads donors, David doesn’t have to do that anymore. In January, Crossroads began providing business reply envelopes with students’ lessons.

The response from students has been overwhelming. Hundreds of students have written letters of thanks to Crossroads.

“I have zero outside support. So this means a lot,” David wrote.

Another Crossroads student, Murray, is under house arrest as he awaits trial. Crossroads Bible lessons help keep him focused on God during a difficult time.

“I have been unable to work and have not had income for four years. My legal fees have taken my life’s savings,” he said. “So something as small as a stamp seems big to me.”

Here’s what other students have said about the prepaid postage:

  • “Thank you for sending a prepaid envelope. I am indigent and cannot afford postage. Within a year, I will be released and God willing I will be able to donate to your worthy cause!” -John in Indiana
  • “I wish you could have seen the joy in my eyes when I saw the prepaid envelope. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!” -Jakeilah in Florida
  • “I had reluctantly decided that this next lesson would be my last because of the cost of postage. This is an answered prayer. I can still grow with the help of Crossroads!” -Dusty in Texas
  • “Tomorrow is my 66th birthday. This envelope is not only the best birthday gift I ever received, it is the only gift I have received here in prison. God’s blessings on your donors.” -Carol in Georgia
  • “Now that you offer paid postage, some of my friends are starting the studies! Praise God!” -Terry in Arizona
  • “Thank you, Crossroads, for listening to our needs. You lifted a burden for me.” Timothy in Michigan

Thanks to donors like you, Crossroads students across the country feel supported, encouraged and loved. Many students who would have dropped out of the Crossroads program due to finances can now continue their spiritual growth.

With more and more students sticking with Crossroads, we will need your support to continue covering postage. Would you give the gift of God’s Word to someone in prison? You can make your donation to Crossroads here.