Harkey spent his teenage and young adult years in a life of crime.

“Since 11 years old, I have been in trouble. I’ve done my share of bad, living a life of crime, alcohol, girls and drugs. I’ve hurt myself, my family, my friends,” he said.

His criminal activity caught up with him when he was arrested and was facing charges that could land him in prison for thirty years.

When he was in jail awaiting his sentencing, he began playing Scrabble with a fellow prisoner. This cellmate began telling Harkey about Jesus.

“I didn’t understand what he was trying to tell me,” Harkey said. But the seeds of the Gospel were planted in his heart.

When Harkey was sentenced to a long prison term, he began attending church on Sunday mornings at the request of some friends in his facility. Sitting in services, he struggled to understand what these Christians were talking about.

Then Harkey signed up for the Crossroads Prison Ministries mentorship program. The Bible studies and guidance from mentors have helped him get to know Jesus and understand God’s Word.

“My mentors have been helpful guides on my spiritual journey,” Harkey said. “I have accepted Jesus, confessed my sin, and He has given me new life. So thank you Crossroads mentors.”

Harkey recently sent Crossroads a piece of art that he created (see above). It depicts Harkey in God’s hand and reads, “Rescue from above. I’m resting in His love.”

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