Screenshot from Crossroads international prayer meeting

Every Thursday morning, the staff of Crossroads Prison Ministries gathers to pray over the ministry. But some of our favorite prayer gatherings happen quarterly when we can meet with our leaders around the globe. Earlier this month, we were able to hear from our leaders in Latin America as they shared updates and prayer requests from their ministries. We would love for you to join with us in praying over the following requests from our extension centers in Latin America:

From the Dominican Republic:

  • Pray for the DR as the nation is currently facing a hurricane and have suffered a lot throughout the pandemic.
  • Vaccination numbers are increasing, but continue to pray for wisdom for Crossroads leaders in the face of pandemic obstacles.

From Ecuador:

  • In Ecuador, the COVID variants have been detected, and many infected people are fighting for their lives. Crossroads Ecuador has lost mentors to COVID.
  • Inside the prisons, people have had a really difficult time during this season. Over the last three months, there have been riots inside the prisons because of drug trafficking rivalries, resulting in violent deaths that were broadcast on social media.
  • But, even in these difficult circumstances, God continues to be faithful. This year 115 new students enrolled in Crossroads Ecuador.
  • They request prayer for those who are struggling financially, because they have lost their jobs. They desire prayer for those in prison who have suffered from hunger because of the riots and visitation restrictions.

From Peru:

  • Currently in Peru, COVID cases have been declining, which has allowed Juan Carlos, Crossroads Peru’s director, to travel and visit family in the south of Peru.
  • While prisons remain closed, the doors are opening to juvenile detention facilities, and Crossroads Peru hopes to begin ministry in a facility in northern Peru. They have a goal of extending their reach to all ten juvenile detention facilities throughout Peru and believe that God is going to pour out His Spirit in the prisons and detention centers in this season.
  • They ask for prayers for those who have lost family to COVID, including the relatives of one of their mentors who recently lost their battle with COVID.
  • They also ask for prayers for the expansion of the kingdom of God in prisons.

From Colombia:

  • In addition to the pandemic, Colombia is facing political unrest. Many young people have been rebelling against the government for the past two months, looting and rioting.
  • Because of the pandemic, prisons remain closed, and many of Crossroads Colombia’s 400 mentors have felt restless. It has been a challenge to keep them encouraged.
  • Yet, even as they have faced challenges in this season, they have been able to begin ministry at a new facility where 52 students have already completed the Crossroads program.
  • Even with the facilities being closed, they have enrolled 110 new students this year.

From Nicaragua:

  • Nicaragua is also facing political unrest as they approach their next election this fall, and their current president has imprisoned all those who seek to run against him. This has caused economic fallout for the country.
  • While the government has closed all the prisons because of COVID, churches still exist behind prison walls, and Crossroads Nicaragua asks that we pray for the believers behind bars, that they would be able to continue sharing the Gospel inside.
  • Crossroads Nicaragua is preparing for the day prisons reopen by networking with pastors around the country to recruit and train mentors. They also hope to start an ambassador program.
  • Pray that the Holy Spirit gives them wisdom as they prepare for the future.

From Guatemala:

  • Guatemala has seen an increase in COVID cases and the Delta variant and has continued to experience political unrest. Hospitals are at capacity and ICUs are full.
  • But amid the bad news, there is good news! Years ago, Crossroads Guatemala had the opportunity to bring the program to the nation’s civil servants. A graduate was transferred to one of the most dangerous prisons in Guatemala, El Boquerón. He contacted Bryon to start doing Crossroads with the civil servants there. He was appointed as a chaplain at the prison where he now has 20 prisoners who are studying the Bible with Crossroads. Recently, Bryon and his team baptized seven people in the prison with five more baptisms scheduled.
  • With the help of the local church, Crossroads Guatemala has donated 70 baskets of food to the wives and families of the prisoners.
  • They continue working with the national police and have 30 active students who are civil servants.
  • God willing, the doors are opening to a third prison, and they are working on the required paperwork.
  • “The Good News isn’t going to be stopped by the pandemic. It is an opportunity to preach the Gospel. We are moving forward, full speed ahead,” said Byron, director of Crossroads Guatemala.