Doug Cupery is the newest staff member at Crossroads Prison Ministries. As church mobilization director, his job will be to engage and equip churches and volunteers to care for prisoners around the world. Get to know him in this interview:

Tell us about your career background.

My career background sure has taken some twists and turns! I worked for twenty years in the medical field as a paramedic and registered nurse, but a crisis point in my life changed not only my career path but my entire life. I made some bad decisions that resulted in me being sent to prison. During that time of brokenness, I found restoration in a relationship with God and discovered His purpose for my life.

After being released fifteen years ago, I spent several years at 70 x 7 Life Recovery, training mentors to support men and women who were coming home from prison. Most recently, I served as the local missions pastor at Ridge Point Community Church, where I also led the church’s prison ministry.

Why do you have a passion for prison ministry?

What has become clear to me over the years is that most prisoners long for a sense of belonging, for hope and to be successful should they come home. I have come to the conclusion that this can only be found in a relationship with Jesus. In Christ, they can find identity, purpose and hope that will restore their lives. I have experienced this in my own life and want to share this joy with others.

What led you to joining Crossroads staff? Why do you have a heart for this ministry?

I know firsthand the impact of Crossroads’s ministry. Crossroads Bible lessons and mentors helped me navigate my walk with Jesus during my time in prison and were a source of hope and encouragement in a dark place.

I resonate with Crossroads’s heart to reach those who are forgotten. I have a deep passion for justice and understand that healing the brokenness in our world is only possible as hearts are changed through a relationship with Jesus. The Church plays a big role in this. It is a privilege to step into a ministry that is reshaping not only the worldview of thousands of prisoners, but also thousands of mentors as they discover that we are all broken people in need of a Savior.

What will you be doing as the church mobilization director?

My role will be to engage and equip volunteers from churches all over the country to be in Christ-centered relationships with prisoners that are guided by the study of God’s Word.

I will also share with churches about the plight of the prisoner. As churches discover more about the prisoner’s experience, they will be able to more effectively minister to men and women behind bars.

What are you most excited about as you join this ministry?

To hear the transformation stories from prisoners and volunteers!

In what ways can we be praying for you as you step into your new role?

Join me in praying that God would continue to open doors and cause a catalytic movement of His Church to care for prisoners around the world. And that He would use me to be a part of that movement.

Doug can be reached at dcupery@cpministries.org.