Eduardo’s life has been filled with struggles, doubts, and challenges. Yet, looking back on his early life, he now sees how God was there, even during his toughest times.

When Eduardo was a young child, his father decided to move their family to the United States in search of a better life. In a recent letter, he shared about their humble beginnings in the United States, where his family shared a one-bedroom apartment—his siblings shared the single bedroom, and Eduardo and his parents slept in the living room.

“When I think back now, I see all the amazing things God did for us,” he wrote. “He gave us a home to call our own for the time being and a strong will for my dad to provide for our family.”

Raised in a strict Catholic household, Eduardo felt forced into embracing a faith that he struggled to understand. When he entered high school and befriended a fellow student named Josh,* whose family held atheistic beliefs, he began to wrestle with his faith.

In high school, Eduardo also met Sandra,* whom he would later marry. She came from a Christian family, further complicating Eduardo’s faith journey.

“I was sort of lost between the two,” he said of Sandra and Josh. “I had my first daughter at seventeen. I was going to church with Sandra and her family and then going home and forgetting all about God when I went to hang out with Josh. It got so bad at home with Mom and Dad that I started living with Josh because my parents always got onto me about what I was doing with my life. I cry about it now, but I remember one day I told my mom that I no longer trusted, cared, or believed in God.”

In his early twenties, Eduardo’s relationships were fraught with challenges. He was briefly married to one of Josh’s friends, who eventually left him for Josh. The end of his friendship with Josh pushed him further into his spiral of drug and alcohol abuse.

“I would yell, cuss, and try to fight almost anyone. I felt so mad at the world,” he said.

Life continued to unravel for Eduardo when, at the age of twenty-three, he was arrested for his involvement in a store robbery. At that time, he had reconciled with Sandra and married her, and they’d had their third child together seven months earlier.

“It’s the one thing I’m most ashamed of,” he said of his crime. This was the lowest point in Eduardo’s life, but it was also when his journey toward redemption began.

Three months after his arrest, Eduardo received a visit from his kids and mother-in-law. His oldest daughter, who was only seven years old at the time, expressed that she was eager to tell him something.

“I wanted to let you know Jesus loves you,” she said to him.

“With those words, everything became so clear to me. I could see where the Lord worked in my life,” Eduardo said. “It was [my daughter] that showed me the light.”

In that moment, he saw how God had been at work, protecting him in childhood, during his turbulent teens, and now, behind bars.

Shortly after, Eduardo learned about Crossroads’ correspondence Bible studies in a newspaper advertisement. In his letter, he shared that Crossroads has been a constant reminder that God has not forsaken him. His mentors have taught him to love himself and others, and their letters have provided him with a source of strength and encouragement.

While Eduardo’s marriage eventually ended, he managed to release the bitterness and anger that once consumed him. With the support of Christian mentors, he has found forgiveness and now prays for his ex-wife.

“The past few months have been hard for me, but with the Bible study, I’ve found ways to reconnect not only with God but also with my family. I started to pray with my kids over the phone when I get the chance and share what God and you all have to teach me,” he said.

Eduardo’s story is one of redemption—a man who was lost but was found through the grace of God shown to him through his kids.

“He has fixed my broken heart and has given me a light to follow, and it all started with a newspaper I found that had an ad for Crossroads,” he said. “Thank you all for doing what you do to help my relationship with God.”

Eduardo’s testimony shows the transformative power of faith, forgiveness, and support from organizations like Crossroads that offer hope to those seeking redemption and a fresh start. If you would like to offer hope to people behind bars, consider signing up as a Crossroads mentor or donating today.


*Editor’s Note: The names of Eduardo’s friend and ex-wife have been changed for their privacy.


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