Locked away in a segregation unit in a Massachusetts prison, Patrick’s thoughts are thousands of miles away in Kenya where his nephew was shot and killed a month ago.

When he first heard the news of his nephew’s death, a close friend came to visit him and brought some much-needed encouragement. Several days later, that friend’s mother died.

On top of that, Patrick’s most precious possession in prison, his Bible, was taken from him when he was moved to solitary confinement.

You would think Patrick would be reeling but he’s not. “The devil is trying to steal my peace. But still he has not moved me nor caused me to doubt God’s faithfulness,” he recently wrote to Crossroads Prison Ministries. “With deaths and segregation, I am still standing. I got God and His Word on my side.”

Patrick prayed that God would provide him a Bible so he could continue his Crossroads studies and find encouragement in God’s Word. Before Crossroads could mail him a new Bible, the prison chaplain brought him one. And although a Bible is often taken for granted by people on the outside, for Patrick, it is a lifeline.

He was overjoyed but not surprised. “That is how God works. He meets the desires of our hearts,” Patrick said.

Patrick knows he has many challenges up ahead but is thankful to have Scripture and Crossroads Bible lessons and letters to lean on for hope.

Please pray for peace for Patrick as he serves his time in solitary confinement. If you would like to help him and other prisoners in similar situations, consider making a donation to Crossroads.