People who have known Billy for a long time tell him they see changes for the better since he went to prison in 2021. He is not the angry man he used to be. He now pauses to listen to people, and he genuinely enjoys helping others. Even Billy is amazed by the changes.

The time behind bars has helped him find his footing in a new life as he recovers from drug and alcohol addiction. He has let go of some old relationships that tried to pull him back into the past, and he is working hard on new relationships, especially his relationship with Christ.

“I feel like the love and compassion He has shown for me, I can’t keep it to myself,” Billy said during an interview at his Florida penitentiary.  “Other people need to hear what I have been through. Christ’s gift is not for me, it’s for someone else, and I love talking about Jesus.”

Billy is grateful that his growing faith is helping him build the strength to put addiction in the past. His spiritual growth is also helping him learn how to have a peaceful relationship with his ex-wife and a loving relationship with his daughter.

“That’s what I’m learning right now—how to use the power and the gift Christ has given me to not let the trials and tribulations take over,” he said. “Christ is teaching me how to pray it out. I don’t know how to explain it. It’s just amazing.”

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