Randy’s journey to redemption began in a county jail as he awaited his fate on charges that would surely send him to prison. Amid his despair, two jail mates who were Christians extended genuine compassion. “[They] loaned me my first Bible, helped me get into Bible studies, and prayed with and for me,” Randy wrote to us in a letter.

Raised in the Methodist Church, Randy had strayed far from his Christian roots. His life was marred by regrettable choices, including substance abuse, infidelity, and a crime that led to a twenty-two-year prison sentence. After confessing his sins and accepting Jesus as his Lord and Savior in prison, Randy was baptized by a minister from a local church whose parishioners came to the prison every weekend to visit and share. This was a pivotal moment that marked a deepened commitment to a life of faith.

Another friend in prison helped Randy enroll in Crossroads’ mentorship program in 2018. Among the many Bible studies he embarked upon during his incarceration, the lessons from Crossroads stood out because they “actually make you think about answers, not just write something,” he explained. The ministry’s curriculum challenged Randy to delve deeper into his faith, fostering a genuine understanding of God’s Word. He found solace in the fellowship of brothers in Christ who were also Crossroads students as they exchanged thoughts and insights. Through Crossroads, he discovered a community that uplifted and supported him.

“I have done it all in my life: drinking, drugs, adultery. Many things that normal people will not forgive,” Randy wrote. Yet he found comfort in knowing that God’s love knows no bounds, and his faith allowed him to experience the transformative power of the Lord’s forgiveness and healing.

Throughout Randy’s journey, his Christian friends and Crossroads mentors have played a significant role in encouraging his faith. Their presence, genuine compassion, and unwavering support offered him a tangible representation of Christ’s love and helped him navigate his spiritual path.

Though Randy will remain in prison until at least 2030, his story is a testament to the hope that can be found in the most unlikely places. Through Crossroads and the power of Jesus, he discovered a newfound purpose and a future filled with hope. With a renewed passion for Bible studies and a desire to continue growing in his faith, Randy remains committed to his journey of transformation, cherishing the support and study materials provided by Crossroads.

Randy’s story exemplifies the transformational power of receiving genuine love and support. Is God calling you to offer compassion and encouragement as a Crossroads mentor today? Learn more here.

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