As the nation responds to the coronavirus pandemic through closing schools, restaurants and bars and restricting gatherings, people are becoming more aware of the need to protect those who are most vulnerable.

The population that is sometimes absent from this conversation? People in prison.

In response to the coronavirus, the country’s 122 federal prisons and many of the 1,700-plus state prisons have banned visitors and volunteers. An already lonely group of people just got even lonelier.

Crossroads Prison Ministries is committed to continuing to provide people in prison with correspondence Bible lessons and letters from caring mentors. If you are interested in mentoring people in prison through the mail, click here.

Another way we can remember our brothers and sisters in prison during this time is to pray. Here are a few ways you can be praying:

-Pray for God’s protection over prisons from exposure to COVID-19

-Pray that men and women in prison would sense God’s nearness and love during this very lonely time

-Pray for family members who will be isolated from their loved ones behind bars

-Pray that more churches would respond to the call to remember those in prison by volunteering with Crossroads and other correspondence prison ministries

-Pray for safety of prison medical staff on the frontlines of this pandemic