Brian, a Crossroads student in Canada, wrote this letter to Jesus. It has been edited for length and clarity.

Dear Jesus,

I always knew You existed. I’m a sixty-one-year-old man doing life fifteen. I’m twenty-one years in. I wish, in my younger days, when mom asked me to go to church with her, I would have gone. I always said to her, “Maybe next week,” but it never happened.

All my life, when I called upon You, You were there, and I love You for being there when I needed You. I’ve been lost so many years by drinking. I drank whenever I could get it, and that led me to steal to supply my habit. I lost a lot of jobs over the years because of drinking.

Jesus, I was offered a job on a ranch in British Columbia, Canada. I worked there two years, and one day he said to me, “Brian, throw away the beer can for one year and I’ll make sure you own my ranch.” But I couldn’t throw away the beer can.

I drank because one day I got married, and six months later, I caught my wife running around on me. When my wife left me, I drank even more. Now, looking back on the things I lost and the things I did while I was drinking almost makes me sick.

Jesus, when I came to prison, I swallowed three razor blades because I didn’t want to live. But, like always, You were there. I had lost all hope, but for some reason, You kept me alive. Now I think I know why. I believe You wanted me to know You better than before. I can’t leave my cell without praying to You first. You protected me while I’ve been here.

I’m going on twenty-one years inside because Satan led me astray. But, like always, You kept coming back to save me. Without Your love and forgiveness, I wouldn’t be writing this letter.

Jesus, about twelve years ago, I gave my heart to You and I was baptized in Your name. Through all the years inside, I’ve studied Your Word. I live and breathe because of You. Jesus, You showed me a love that I’ve never known. When everyone let me down, You were there to pick up the pieces. My days revolve around You.

I’ll never drink again because I lost so much while drinking. But, by living by Your Word, You gave me strength to get from one day to the next. I still fight against Satan, and he’s always around. But Jesus, I know in my heart You’ll drive Satan away so I can make it through each and every day. I’ll love You and follow You ‘til the day I die.

Your faithful servant,


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