Just for Students is a quarterly newsletter that Crossroads sends to all students in the mentorship program. It provides spiritual encouragement, updates and reminders about the program and other useful information for students. Mentors can read these newsletters to stay informed about what Crossroads has communicated to their students.

Just for Students: SEPTEMBER

Just for Students: September

This edition of Just for Students encourages students to remain faithful to the Lord in seasons of change. It also includes a reading and prayer guide through the Gospel of John and timely advice from a longtime mentor.

Just for Students: JUNE

Just for Students: June

This edition of Just for Students encourages students to spend intentional time with the Lord. It features a reading and prayer guide for June and July based on the book of Acts.

Just for Students: March

Just for Students: MARCH

This edition of Just for Students points students to the resurrection of Jesus as our source of hope and joy. It also includes a reading and prayer guide to follow from March 1 through Easter Sunday.

Just for Students: NOVEMBER

Just for Students: NOVEMBER

The November edition of Just For Students is an edition completely devoted to encouragement. It has been a difficult two years for all of us, but for our students it has been especially difficult. Many of them have not had an opportunity to get a visit from their family in nearly two years. Many of them have been locked down during the pandemic, unable to access their facility gym, chapel, and dining hall. We also are reminding our students that, as part of the Body of Christ, they are called to encourage one another.

Just for Students: AUGUST

Just for Students: AUGUST

This edition of Just for Students focuses on our newest Tier 1 course, What Is the Bible? The course gives an overview of the Bible and describes how both testaments point to Jesus. What Is the Bible? was developed from a video series produced by the ministry BibleProject. BibleProject’s videos explain the Bible in a way that is fun and easy to understand. Check them out at www.bibleproject.com.

Just for Students: MAY

Just for Students: MAY

In this, our first edition of Just for Students, we reflect on the book of John and introduce our two new courses, Who Is Jesus? and What Is the Bible? Our prayer is that the Just for Students newsletters will encourage and inform students as they grow in Christ.