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The Crossroads mentorship program currently offers 12 correspondence Bible study courses for prisoners that each contain up to 14 lessons. Each course is created to help Crossroads students learn more about God and how to follow Him with the help of their mentor.


They are grouped into three categories:


Tier 1 Courses

God’s love is for everyone. The goal of these courses is to introduce students to Jesus Christ and help them learn who they are in God’s eyes: men and women worthy of God’s love. (Also available in: Spanish, Swahili and Mandarin)


Tier 2 Courses

Once we know we are loved and that God loves us regardless of our past or who others say we are, we can begin to love others. These courses help students learn to live out their faith in response to God’s love.
(Also available in: Spanish)


Tier 3 Courses

God calls us to ministry wherever we find ourselves. The goal of these courses is to provide students with the specific training needed for ministry within their communities, both inside prison and outside.


Our curriculum is always changing and evolving, so check back occasionally to see what is new.