Lesson packets range in weight, but a standard lesson requires the 2-ounce postage rate. A lesson that includes a topical booklet from one of Crossroads’s ministry partners or other inserts requires the 3-ounce postage rate.

Lesson Packets

Example of standard 2-ounce packet:

Includes: lesson, Roadmap, stationery

Example of 3-ounce packet:

Includes: lesson, 2 Roadmaps, stationery, booklet, student note

A single forever stamp is not enough postage for a lesson packet.

If there is not enough postage on an envelope, the packet will be rejected from the facility and returned to the Crossroads office, resulting in a 2–3 week delay before the student gets the lesson.

You can always have the lesson weighed at the nearest post office if you are unsure of how much postage to use.