God calls us to ministry wherever we are. That is true inside and outside prison. Tier 3 provides students with in-depth theological study materials and tools to help them become spiritual leaders in their communities.

Crossroads’ Tier 3 courses are seminary-level discussions of ethics, hermeneutics (how to read the Bible) and systematic theology. Crossroads is working on expanding its offerings to include courses on outreach and discipling, leadership development, instruction on leading prayer and worship services, as well as studies on Islam, racial reconciliation and engaging in church mobilization.

In Tier 3, each student is paired one-on-one with a mentor who journeys with them through each course.

Tier 3 Courses

Tier 3 Courses

Biblical Interpretation

This introduction to hermeneutics provides a methodical study of principles for biblical interpretation and an in-depth look at the history and relationship of the two testaments.
  • Lesson 1: Basic Principles of Interpretation (Click to View a Sample)
  • Lesson 2: Guidelines for Bible Study
  • Lesson 3: Cautions and Suggestions
  • Lesson 4: Communicating Creatively
  • Lesson 5: Understanding Old Testament History
  • Lesson 6: Understanding the Prophetic Books
  • Lesson 7: Understanding the Wisdom Literature
  • Lesson 8: The Relationship Between the Old and the New Testaments
  • Lesson 9: Understanding the Gospels and Acts
  • Lesson 10: Understanding the Epistles
  • Lesson 11: Understanding the Book of Revelation
  • Lesson 12: Putting It All Together

Biblical Truths In Depth

This course provides an overview of systematic theology and includes studies of prolegomena, soteriology, ethics and apologetics.
  • Lesson 1: The Word Before: Prolegomena (Click to View a Sample)
  • Lesson 2: Getting to Know God: The Doctrine of God
  • Lesson 3: God Cares for His World: The Doctrine of God and His Creation
  • Lesson 4: Enter the Enemy: The Doctrine of Humanity
  • Lesson 5: The Great Substitution: The Doctrine of Christ (I)
  • Lesson 6: The Victorious Lord: The Doctrine of Christ (II)
  • Lesson 7: The Life-Giving Christ: The Doctrine of Salvation
  • Lesson 8: The New Life in Fellowship: The Doctrine of the Church
  • Lesson 9: New Obedience: Christian Ethics
  • Lesson 10: Defending the Faith: Apologetics

Christian Worldview I

This course is based on Chuck Colson’s influential book How Now Shall We Live? and teaches students to differentiate between the Christian worldview and competing modern philosophies.
  • Lesson 1: Christianity Is a Worldview (Click to View a Sample)
  • Lesson 2: Combating False Worldviews with the Truth
  • Lesson 3: In the Beginning
  • Lesson 4: The Lie of Evolution
  • Lesson 5: Made in His Image: The Sanctity of Human Life
  • Lesson 6: Heaven on Earth? The Lie of Utopianism
  • Lesson 7: Totally Depraved: Sin in Every Part
  • Lesson 8: The Problem of Suffering
  • Lesson 9: The Search for Redemption
  • Lesson 10: Searching for Salvation through Liberation and Sex
  • Lesson 11: Searching for Salvation through Science
  • Lesson 12: The Promise of the New Age and the Escape of Despair
  • Lesson 13: Real Redemption

Christian Worldview II

A continuation of Christian Worldview I, this course addresses how Christians are called to live within their families, classrooms, communities and workplaces.
  • Lesson 1: Redeemed to Serve (Click to View a Sample)
  • Lesson 2: Don’t Worry, Be Religious
  • Lesson 3: It All Starts at Home: Christianity in the Family
  • Lesson 4: Christianity in the Classroom
  • Lesson 5: Christianity in the Community
  • Lesson 6: Virtuous People, A Virtuous Society
  • Lesson 7: Christianity in the Workplace
  • Lesson 8: Government Governed by God
  • Lesson 9: Science and Christianity Are Not Oil and Water
  • Lesson 10: Art to the Glory of God
  • Lesson 11: Whatever Is Noble, Whatever Is Pure
  • Lesson 12: How Now Shall We Live?
  • Lesson 13: Christian Worldview in Review