I See You

By Douglas Cupery
Cover art by Carmine Colantuono



PHOTO DougC.3jdh 11.21.23

Douglas Cupery, director of church mobilization at Crossroads, has written dozens of monthly columns for the 3,100 volunteer mentors who study the Bible with Crossroads students and write them encouraging letters. I See You is a compilation of his most memorable guidance for people writing to incarcerated men and women.

The topics in the book are applicable beyond Crossroads. Family members of incarcerated people will find valuable tips for creating connections and talking about difficult topics from a mindset of love and compassion.

I See You can also be useful for daily devotions, book study groups, and other jail and prison ministries. Prison chaplains can use the book to help incarcerated people write letters that build meaningful relationships with their loved ones despite separation.

Cupery knows from his own experience behind bars that letters are an extremely powerful tool for letting incarcerated people know that they are seen, heard, and understood.

If you have already read Doug’s book, we hope you have benefited from the wisdom and guidance it contains. If you would like to order additional copies, leave a review, or recommend it to a friend, you can now find it on Amazon.