Founded in 2009

Paul Tan

Paul Tan


Woodlands Post Office
PO Box 250
Singapore, 917312

Singapore’s strict and efficient judicial system assures relatively low crime rates and acceptable prison conditions, but the cold, harsh system leaves prisoners in desperate need of the light of Christ. Like many other extension center directors, Crossroads Singapore director Paul Tan has a passion for prison ministry that springs from his own experience of incarceration. He hand-delivers lessons to the Crossroads students, who are supported and discipled by faithful mentors.

Here’s an avenue for me to reach out to the prisoners with God’s Word, directly and single-mindedly. I am so priviliged with the freedoms that I have to study God’s Word where, when and how I choose. But God’s Word should be made available to all, prisoners included. This is a high-impact ministry. –Ho Leon K., Crossroads Singapore Mentor