Founded in 2012
Lahai Kargbo

Lahai Kargbo


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#9 Shepherd Street
Ibo Town, Waterloo
Sierra Leone

“I am so grateful to God for having Crossroads in my beloved country of Sierra Leone, and I am encouraged by your love for Christ, the lost and all those who are benefiting from the ministry God has entrusted to Crossroads.”  

– Lahai Kargbo, Crossroads Sierra Leone Director

About Crossroads Sierra Leone:

Crossroads Sierra Leone launched in 2012 with thirty-six students in four prisons, including two juvenile facilities. The greatest challenge facing the ministry’s work among juveniles is the need for reentry assistance. Since juvenile offenders are usually street children, they have nowhere to go but back to the streets, where they are almost guaranteed to return to crime in order to survive.

Director Lahai Kargbo opened his home to two released juveniles so they would not have to return to the streets. Since then, Lahai has taken in even more released juveniles who were left orphaned by the mudslides that barreled through the country in August 2017. Lahai himself grew up as an orphan, so his heart aches for juveniles who are released with no home or family to return to.

As Lahai continues to provide a home for released juveniles, he also brings Bible study courses into the juvenile and adult prisons in which Crossroads Sierra Leone serves. Above all else, Crossroads Sierra Leone seeks to bring the hope of God’s Word into the darkness of the country’s prisons.

What students are saying:

“I praise God for the doctrines I’ve learned through your classes and the Crossroads Bible study lessons. It has truly been a source of strength for me.”
– Hassan, Approved School Prison

“I have learned a lot through your Bible studies. I have learned that the only way to be ready when the enemy tempts us is by being consistent in the study of the Word of God.”
– Usif, Dems Prison 

“The greatest blessing is to know that I have eternal life through my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I look forward to that day when there will be no more crying, no more hunger or crime.”
– Abu, Dems Prison 

“Thank you for your last letter. Your kind words are always a blessing to me. Life can be very hard behind these walls. It is kind words like yours that make all the difference in the world.”
– Ibrahim, Approved School Prison