Founded in 2007
Martina Wilson

Martina Wilson


Apartado 3
Estelí, Nicaragua

“We made Hebrews 13:3 our slogan. ‘Remember those in prison as if you were together with them in prison.’”

– Martina Wilson, Crossroads Nicaragua Director

About Crossroads Nicaragua:

In 2007, missionary Emerson Wilson established Crossroads Nicaragua. Emerson felt the call to serve people in prison and to break the social barriers that separated them from people on the outside. While society reduced them to nothing, Emerson saw each of them as a child of God.

Emerson had already been sharing the Gospel with prisoners in Matagalpa and Estelí, so these connections created a foundation for Crossroads Nicaragua. Emerson and his wife, Martina, developed a team of dedicated mentors, comprised of church members and local pastors. This team visits the prisons often, conducting worship services, sharing a message of hope and distributing Crossroads Bible study lessons and encouraging letters. Annually, Crossroads Nicaragua holds a special graduation ceremony to celebrate the students who have completed their courses.

Emerson went to be with the Lord in November of 2018. His passion brought the Good News to many Nicaraguans. Martina carries on Emerson’s legacy as she continues leading Crossroads Nicaragua. As of 2018, Crossroads Nicaragua has reached 543 people in prison, and they hope to reach many more.