Founded in 2006




PO Box 11005
Hastings, 4158
New Zealand

“May God bless all the people who help with these courses and the people that write the hand-written letters. When I received a hand-written letter, it brought tears to my eyes knowing that someone went out of their way to personally write a letter to me.” –Crossroads New Zealand Student

About Crossroads New Zealand:

Crossroads maintains a presence in the majority of the twenty prisons on the North and South Islands of New Zealand. Strong relationships between director Peggy and prison chaplains ensure the continued growth of the program, and volunteer mentors disciple the students and receive continued encouragement and training through rallies and seminars.

The Crossroads program has been implemented in faith-based Alpha Units, which house Christian prisoners, and even corrections officers have joined the ranks of Crossroads students after observing the value of the program for the prisoners they supervise.

*Due to security reasons, we are withholding the Crossroads New Zealand director’s full name.