Founded in 2016
Dra. Luz Rojas de Soriano

Dra. Luz Rojas de Soriano


Apartado Postal #113
San Cristobal, República Dominicana

“I initially got involved [in prison ministry] on a medical mission. But after becoming involved, I felt a great need not only to bring health to people in prison, but also to show them what we have received by grace. And that is what we are doing­—giving by grace what we, by grace, have received.”

– Dra. Luz Rojas, Crossroads Dominican Republic Director

About Crossroads Dominican Republic:

The partnership between Crossroads and the prison ministry in the Dominican Republic was a perfect fit from the beginning. Doctor Luz Rojas de Soriano has established good relations with prisoners and wardens, and her husband is a pastor of a local church. They both witness to the prison population so that they may know Christ. In their search for Christian material to offer to the prisoners, they discovered the Crossroads program through a mentor in Miami. Crossroads provides its Bible study curriculum while Doctor Luz and her team provide for the physical needs of the students. The first year of ministry was a year of tremendous growth and excitement to see the program get established and quickly expand.