Founded in 1998

Crossroads for Prisoners Canada

Harry Stam

Email: info@crossroadscanada.ca or harry@crossroadscanada.ca



PO Box 400
Jarvis, ON
N0A 1J0

About Crossroads for Prisoners Canada

Crossroads has been committed to serving the men and women incarcerated in Canada for many years, beginning in 1998 as Crossroad Bible Institute Canada, then as Crossroads Prison Ministries Canada and finally, in 2021, as Crossroads for Prisoners Canada.


Although Crossroads for Prisoners Canada is relatively new and still building its ministry structure, the CFP Canada team is actively ministering to those in the Canadian prison system. Prison chaplains are excited that Crossroads lessons are once again available for the men and women they serve.


A core group of new and returning mentors is serving the students through the correspondence program, and CFP Canada is prayerfully seeking more mentors to keep up with a growing student base. CFP Canada is also looking for dedicated Christians to serve on its board of directors.


“Although we may be small, we totally trust God to enable our ministry to be a voice of hope and comfort to those in prison,” said interim director Harry Stam. “The message of God’s mercy and grace brings beautiful light to the dark world that these men and women live in. Many are fighting addictions, and many have had unfortunate family situations and are hurting and confused. Many feel unworthy and are burdened by their past, and God’s Word brings them hope and peace. It is our prayer that we can continue to bless all those in our Canadian prisons who want to learn more about God’s Word, and we totally rely on His strength to carry out our mission.”