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Crossroads connects people in prisons with mentors from churches to develop Christ-centered relationships as they study God’s Word together. These relationships transform both the students and the mentors. Students find hope when mentors take the time to review their lessons and write encouraging letters. Mentors grow in their faith as they journey alongside students.

Let’s continue this transformational work together! Give to Crossroads today. For the month of June only, the first $100,000 in gifts will be matched. That means your gift will go twice as far if you give before June 30. Please join us in building hope and Christ-centered relationships through the study of God’s Word.

Thanks to your support, we served more than 24,000 students over the past year, including Joshua, who recently sent us a donation, saying, “I thank God for you all over these years. As long as I have been at [my facility], I’ve had the privilege of enjoying fellowship with you all. . . . Your materials and mentors have REALLY shaped my life significantly.”

With your continued support, we will provide Bible studies and fellowship to more students like Joshua in the year ahead. We are excited to share our plans for next year.

With your help, we will:

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Recruit more Spanish-speaking mentors to address the influx of students whose primary language is Spanish. 

Overcome the many hurdles to getting lessons and handwritten letters into correctional facilities that choose to use a mail-scanning process.

Spread the word about our ministry to more congregations so they can join us.

No gift is too small to make an impact!