Frequently Asked Questions

Reviewing a lesson:

Q. How do I score questions that ask students to share their opinions or reflect on their lives?

A. If the student shares an opinion that does not reflect biblical truth, share your own understanding of the topic and how you have experienced God’s truth in your own life, but consider the student’s answer correct. However, if the student leaves a question blank or completely misses the point of the question, it should be considered incorrect.

Q. How do I score fill-in-the-blank questions?

A. Remember that our goal is to help students grow closer to God and encourage them in their understanding of the Bible, not to point out mistakes, but we do want to ensure that they are aware of the correct answers to fact-based questions. Each blank in a fill-in-the-blank question is worth one point.

Q. Should I mark a question wrong if they used a version of the Bible other than the NIV?

A. No. If the student understood the meaning of the blank and had a word similar to the correct answer, do not mark it wrong.

Q. What should I do if I received a lesson without a Roadmap?

A. Review the lesson as usual. We encourage students to return one Roadmap with each lesson, but if that doesn’t happen, there is no need to mention it to the student.

Q. How do I report a score to Crossroads?

A. There are three different ways to report your scores. You can choose to do any of the following:

  • Log in to your account on our website and use the online “Report a Score” function
  • Call (800) 668-2450 and follow the prompts
  • Send an email to
Q. What kind of comments are you looking for in the score report?

We want to know about your student’s progress. Your comments help us see students’ spiritual growth and give us information to include in recommendation letters. Examples: She did a great job of giving examples of how to apply the passages to her life. He is struggling with his studies, but it is clear he is trying to learn more about God.

Q. Why do I need to fill out the lesson log?

A. Keeping track of your students’ lessons in the lesson log is a tangible way to see how many students God has enabled you to reach. It also may be needed by Crossroads in case of a discrepancy in a student’s record.

Q. What should I do if my online account shows that I should have received a lesson, but I never received it?

A. Please wait three to four weeks before reporting to Crossroads that you have not received a lesson that is showing on the “Report a Score” page. Often, lessons that seem to be lost will show up in the mail later. Also, please note that you should NOT type in the comment section that you did not receive that lesson. This will show in our records as a scored lesson and we will not be notified of the issue. Please email or call us if you believe you’re missing a lesson.

Mailing a lesson:

Q. How much postage is needed to mail a lesson?

A. A standard lesson weighs 2 ounces; you can either pay for 2-ounce postage at the post office, or use a forever stamp plus an additional 1-ounce stamp. A lesson that includes extra booklets or inserts may weigh 3 ounces; you can either pay for 3-ounce postage at the post office, or use a forever stamp plus two additional 1-ounce stamps. Please note that ONE forever stamp is NOT enough postage for a lesson.

Q. I didn’t receive an envelope with this week’s lesson. Can I use a regular envelope?

A. Yes. Please use a blank white 6”x9” envelope and write Crossroads Prison Ministries’s return address on it. You may then email us at to request more envelopes.

If you are in need of any extra resources (answer keys, stationery, lesson logs), you can find them on our website and download or print them as needed.