P1030918aJust when recent legislation such as the Smarter Sentencing Act seemed to offer hope for ending mass incarceration, a surprising trend in the business sector might be curtailing this optimism.

According to a recent article from CNN Money, Wall Street is betting on a boom in the prison population due to the recent surge of undocumented immigrants crossing America’s southern border. Although the fruition of these economic predictions remains to be seen, it is clear that reducing the number of people in American prisons, a number well beyond two million, will be an uphill battle as long as prisons continue finding ways to fill empty beds.

Crossroad hopes that its Spanish courses for adults and its newly released Spanish Manga Messiah course for children will provide timely spiritual support for the rising number of detained undocumented immigrants.

As legislators and politicians work hard to create policies that address the border crisis and mass incarceration, Crossroad will be busy doing what it has always done best: bringing long-term, personal discipleship to prisoners with the truth of God’s Word and the love of God’s people.