Fullscreen capture 652014 115232 AM.bmpThe Spanish translation of Manga Messiah was recently published and will soon be in the hands of children of prisoners in the United States, Latin America and beyond. Manga Messiah adapts the Gospel account into a graphic novel, and the accompanying lessons are designed for children ages seven to fourteen. All students receive guidance and personal letters from specially trained Instructors.

The first Spanish Manga students are children of prisoners in Colombia, where the incarcerated population has been increasing in recent years. CBI Colombia currently serves over 350 adult students and hopes to expand its ministry by reaching the children of prisoners as well.

Adults with lower education levels in Ecuador will also use the Manga Messiah course and will be able to continue with CBI’s full discipleship program after gaining confidence and literacy skills.

“We are thrilled at the opportunity to reach Spanish-speaking children with this unique ministry,” said Sandra Chang Raak, CBI’s Spanish and international program coordinator. Raak collaborated on the translation with Antonio Prieto Surmay, director of CBI Colombia.

As the number of undocumented immigrants detained in the United States continues to climb, CBI anticipates that this course will be a timely resource for reaching thousands with the simple truths of God’s Word.