Christmas Decorations The heart-warming anticipation of the holiday season begins months before Christmas even arrives. We mark up our calendars, plan for Thanksgiving dinner, organize gift lists and, if we have been so blessed, look forward to quality time with family and friends.

However, for many incarcerated people, the holidays can be the most difficult season of all. Separation from relatives and lack of personal contact can leave a person feeling isolated and lonely, all while the radio croons “it’s the most wonderful time of the year!”

But through CBI’s Send-a-Card Program, you can give the gift of encouragement to someone in prison this Christmas. This special program allows you, your family, your small group or your church to send personalized Christmas cards—in English or Spanish—to CBI students.

Tommy, a CBI student in California, wrote to Crossroad about how meaningful these cards can be to someone spending the holidays behind bars:

“Prison takes a lot out of a man. Many of us are lonely and starving for affection and I am no different than the rest. But unlike so many, I rely on God to give me all that I need and desire. Sometimes He gives me things that I wasn’t aware that I needed. It’s been so long since I’ve received a Christmas card that I forgot what the acknowledgement meant to me. It is during these times that so many of us are forgotten, so thank you for remembering me, for remembering that prisoners need Christmas too.”

Tommy’s words remind us that even the smallest Christmas card can bring tremendous joy to a stark prison cell. What a simple, but powerful way to share the hope of Christ with the least of these this holiday season!

Christmas may be more than two months away, but the deadline for sending your cards to CBI, November 15, is fast approaching. For more information or instructions on how to participate, visit CBI’s Send-a-Card webpage or call CBI headquarters at 1-800-668-2450.