23292Former Crossroad Bible Institute student Edward “Doc” Amey spent much of his life trying to avoid police officers. But after turning to God in prison, Amey now seeks out cops not to confront them but to pray for them.

Last month, Amey was “caught” praying for a Texas City police officer, who arrested him several years ago on a gun charge that landed Amey behind bars. Someone posted a photo of the encounter on Facebook, and the story went viral.

News outlets, such as USA Today and Christian Today, picked up the story. Amey told a media outlet that he grew up selling drugs and has been to prison three times. But while in a Texas prison in 2008, Amey cried out to God for help.

He began attending church and enrolled in CBI in 2009. He completed the Great Truths of the Bible course, getting strong scores on his lessons. Now released from prison, Amey is a new man.

“The last week-and-a-half God has really been giving me the urge to pray for police officers,” Amey told a local television news outlet.

The Facebook post of Amey joining hands in prayer with the police officer has been shared more than 46,000 times. For the full story and a video, click here.