Malawi Student Winfred T. Ng'anduMalawi Student Genesis Phiri


In Malawi’s overcrowded Mzuzu Prison, inmates sleep sitting up, leaning on one another like collapsed dominoes. This prison, infamous for its lack of resources, might be the last place one would expect to find an emerging higher education program. Yet, in the face of great adversity, six determined CBI students in Mzuzu are embarking on Crossroad’s college-level Tier 3 program.

“The CBI course is teaching me the deeper things of God that can really change me,” said Genesis (pictured top right), an inmate who was recently accepted into the Tier 3 program.

Winfred (pictured top left), a Tier 3 student set for release in October, agrees and hopes to share these lessons with his family. He said, “It is my prayer that I should have a task to teach them all what I have learned from CBI courses concerning behavior change, how to trust God, how to have a good family and how to be faithful.”

Students like Genesis and Winfred certainly inspire great confidence in CBI’s plans to expand Tier 3 into an accredited international liberal arts college. These men of Mzuzu remind us that our God is the God who shows up in unlikely places: burning bushes, Samaritan wells and even overcrowded prisons. And for that God, nothing is impossible.