20150711_182937No matter where you live, a politician who takes an interest in people in prison is a rare thing indeed. This summer, CBI Singapore experienced the blessing of a politician who went one step further, supporting Crossroad students and their participation in CBI’s Bible study program.

Low Yen Ling, Parliamentary Secretary of the Ministry of Social and Family Development, attended CBI Singapore’s graduation ceremony at Turning Point, a Christian rehabilitation center. The graduation ceremony was held in conjunction with Turning Point’s twenty-fifth anniversary celebration.

Ling, who is herself a Christian, was the guest of honor at the 20150711_181930occasion. She presented Certificates of Achievement to five women who had graduated from Crossroad’s first course, Great Truths of the Bible. CBI Singapore director Paul Tan reported that the celebration was well attended by other leaders of Christian halfway houses as well as residents’ family members.

Turning Point, which ministers to women who are recovering from lives of substance abuse and crime, isn’t the only rehabilitation program that CBI Singapore serves. The ministry is known for its holistic approach to prison ministry and has made a practice of partnering with rehabilitation programs and halfway homes.

20150711_201359“CBI Singapore is committed to discipling those whose lives have been impacted by incarceration, whether they are behind bars, paroled or released,” said Jacob Busscher, Crossroad’s international coordinator. “It’s exciting to see those same students be validated in their hard work by such a high-ranking official.”

CBI Singapore knows that supporting students on their journey to wholeness reflects the ministry of healing that Jesus carried out while on earth. Whether teaching men and women the truths of God’s Word, helping them recover from addiction or assisting them in finding employment, CBI Singapore wants its students to experience the joy of the second chance given to them by their Savior.