turkeyCBI’s international satellite campuses span all six habitable continents. However, in countries without a satellite campus, prisoners are still able to reap the benefits of CBI’s long-term discipleship; their lessons go through the United States office and are corrected by Instructors with a special interest in international students.

Chidebere is one such student in Turkey. He recently wrote to CBI about what he is learning from his coursework and from reading Dr. Schuringa’s book Seven Secrets for Success in the Workplace. This book serves as the foundation for the new Tier 2 Life Skills course All Work Is God’s Work, and Chidebere’s letter demonstrates that the book’s practical skills apply to Crossroad students all around the world.

In a country where less than 1 percent of the population claims to be Christian, Chidebere has been described by one of his Instructors as “on fire for God.” CBI was delighted to hear Chidebere share how his lessons and reading material are preparing him spiritually and practically for reentry to society.

Dear Crossroad,

Greetings in the wonderful name of our Lord Jesus, the author and finisher of our lives.

I am really blessed by my mentor and everyone at Crossroad. I cannot describe enough the level of my spiritual engagement. Thank you so much for all your assistance to someone like me. I appreciate every lesson, Roadmap and the arts journal so much.

I am currently reading Dr. Schuringa’s Seven Secrets for Success in the Workplace. It is a wonderful book and an eye-opener. The reason I ended up in prison is that I was underemployed and wanted to make a change. I made the wrong change because I did not change the way I was thinking about my work before I went to prison. But now I know better.

The Word of God has really altered my life to be a better person in Christ, and I am looking forward to using my second chance in life to serve Him and to fulfill my purpose on His earth. God has placed a business idea on my heart: a restaurant business, in which I can cook and serve meals to people and share the Good News. I want to target the African community living here for a start.

May God continue to bless you as you continue to reach people like us.

Yours in Christ,