Man Writing Letter

Every day, Crossroad receives stacks of letters, questionnaires and comments from CBI students about how they are doing in their lessons and what they are learning. Rodney, who is incarcerated in Wyoming, is one student who recently sent Crossroad his feedback. His words show how even the shortest of comments can sometimes offer the richest of insights:

“I think that the apostle Paul would really enjoy reading the letters of encouragement that CBI Instructors send.”

We at CBI could not agree more with Rodney. CBI Instructors share not only Paul’s gift of writing letters of advice and encouragement, but also his desire to see the church overcome boundaries—like prison bars—to grow in grace and truth. Although CBI Instructors might not be physically present with the students they disciple, God continues to accomplish His work and build His church through their written words, just as He worked through Paul so many years ago.

Rodney’s comment is short, but insightful, and ultimately recalls the very words of Paul himself that are so often communicated between CBI students and Instructors as they learn and grow from one another: “For though I am absent from you in body, I am present with you in spirit.”

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