prison ministryWhen reading the label on a bottle of vitamins, an allergy medication or an antibiotic prescription, the phrase “take once daily” can often be found. We all know that it’s important to follow dosage instructions in order to maintain, or regain, our health. But how can we maintain our emotional wellbeing?

Like a daily dose of medicine gives strength to the body, regular encouragement from a Christian brother or sister offers strength and hope to the soul. CBI student Michael H. in Massachusetts expressed thanks to his Instructor for the hope he’d received from his corrected CBI lessons, each of which was accompanied by a letter of encouragement:

It’s funny, even strange, but true: I can be feeling totally depressed, depleted of all energy, and then I receive your Bible study in the mail. When I open it, I hear your voice, listen to your words, and suddenly I’m energized. I’m ready to fight the day’s battles. Your Bible studies have stripped away some of my self-doubt. You’ve infused me with doses of hope that leave me eager to be the person God intended me to be. Talk about a ‘new lease on life!’ Thank you and your ministry for everything you’ve done for me.”

Every day, Crossroad Instructors are administering “doses of hope” to their brothers and sisters who are incarcerated. This regular supply of encouragement brings light into a dark place for Michael and students like him in prisons all around the world.



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