lighthouse“He stilled the storm to a whisper; the waves of the sea were hushed.” –Psalm 107:29

We all face storms during life. Whether it’s a family tragedy or a time of great worry, there are moments where we wonder if we can keep going.

It can be especially difficult for men and women in prison who may not have a source of spiritual support. A timely word of encouragement can be just what they need to get through the storm.

Last year, Wayne T., a prisoner in Texas, went through a season of great difficulty, but he found encouragement in God’s Word and letters from Crossroad Bible Institute Instructors. Here’s what he wrote in a letter to CBI:

“As I continued to do these studies, the storms just kept coming. Due to the strain on my marriage, it began to unravel. Almost ten years of marriage and it ends up in divorce. Then my mother passed away suddenly. Storm after storm. Through it all, the Bible studies and your comments and letters were a light in the storm . . . The fellowship we’ve shared is one of the reasons I’m confident that the victory will be mine.”

The letters and comments from CBI Instructors not only provide encouragement and wisdom during difficult times, but they also point students to Jesus, who has the power to calm the storms in their lives. Here are a few other recent testimonies:

“The Instructor shared stories about storms that the Lord brought him through and always directed me to a passage that shows the Lord is faithful and will do the same for me.” –Josh C., IL

“Thank you so much, as you have been my harbor light in a dark storm period. The last few years you have given me so much I can’t put it into words.” –Paul J., CA

“I was encouraged emotionally, mentally and spiritually. There were days I was down and my instructors words shed sunshine in my storm.” –Charles D., LA

If you would like to help bring light during the storms of life for prisoners, consider becoming an instructor. A few moments of your time to remember those in prison by grading a lesson or writing an encouraging letter can make a huge impact for God’s Kingdom.