Prison art of hearts and pink roseMore than 3,000 prisoners enrolled in Crossroad Bible Institute’s discipleship program are studying the Scriptures in their heart language: Spanish. Ignacio is one of these students in Crossroad’s Spanish program, and his poem “El amor de Dios” was just published in the latest edition of the Crossroad Journal of the Arts. We hope you are blessed by reading his poetic reflections on God’s love.


El amor de Dios
Ignacio M., FL

El amor de Dios es quién nos levanta cada amanecer
El que sostiene al sol, para que nos caliente
Aquél que trae paz y alegría a nuestro ser
Y ciñe para la batalla al corazón valiente.

El amor de Dios es quién acampa alrededor del desvalido
El que da fuerzas al cansado, para que no desfallezca
Aquél que consuela al corazón afligido
Y sana al herido para que prevalezca.

El amor de Dios es quién trae paz en medio de la tormenta
El que nos enseña a amar, aún a nuestro enemigo
Aquel que nos manda a bendecir a quién nos afrenta
Y a orar por el que nos ultraja como si fuera un amigo.

El amor de Dios es quién preserva la santidad
El que echa fuera el temor, perfeccionando al corazón
Aquél que nos llama a compartir su majestad
Y a vivir para siempre en su eterna comunión.[/ezcol_1half]

The Love of God
(Translated from the original Spanish)

The love of God gets us up every morning,
Sustains the sun so that it warms us,
Brings peace and joy to our beings,
And encircles the valiant heart for battle.

The love of God camps around the defenseless,
Gives strength to the tired that he may not fail,
Consoles the afflicted heart,
And heals the wounded that he may prevail.

The love of God brings peace in the midst of the storm,
Teaches us to love, even our enemy,
Commands us to bless him who brings us harm,
And pray for him as if he were an ally.

The love of God preserves holiness,
Casts out fear, perfecting the heart,
Calls us to share its magnificence,
And live forever in its eternal communion.


Words are powerful. God used the written Word to reveal Himself to the world, and through studying God’s Word, Crossroad students like Ignacio are coming to know His great love for them. Will you help bring the love of God to prisoners? Learn how you can get involved at cbi.tv.