Richard,Cook-471308-1As an atheist for most of his life, Richard had a “prove it” mentality.

In order for him to believe something, he needed evidence that he could see. For Richard, that left faith in God out of the question.

That is until he landed in prison.

After serving fifteen miserable years of an eighteen-year sentence in a Georgia prison and hitting a low point in life, one of Richard’s friends challenged him to start taking Bible lessons through Crossroad Bible Institute.

“I decided to give God a chance,” Richard said. “I also made a decision to set aside all of my biases and presuppositions.”

When he sent his first lesson back to Crossroad, he told his Instructor he was an atheist. The Instructor began praying that God would reveal Himself to Richard. Meanwhile, Richard was wrestling with the intersection of faith and science. He said he was starting to see the evidence of God’s existence, but it still wasn’t enough proof for him to give his life to the Lord.

The greatest proof of all, for Richard, came a few months later, when he said he was attacked by a group of inmates who were mad at him over a cell phone sale dispute.

“There were no less than fifteen (people) with orders to kill me, and how God got me out of that locked dorm without even one stab wound is just unbelievable,” Richard said. “I asked God for proof of his existence, and he gave it to me that night by saving my life.”

Richard experienced real evidence of God’s love, and that love is becoming more and more evident to him as he continues his Bible studies through Crossroad. He is currently taking the Great Truths of the Bible course.

“I am really liking this course,” Richard recently wrote to his Instructor. “Just think about it. I started this course an atheist and now am a full-fledged Christian.”

Please pray for Richard as he grows in his relationship with Jesus and learns how to follow Him more closely.