inspirational cloudscape 3Crime can spread through a community like fire, destroying not just property but also trust and relationships. But so too can healing move from person to person, ignited by the Holy Spirit. Troy, a CBI student in North Carolina, described just such an experience:

I have sent my CBI lessons and letters home to my unsaved mother. She reads them and can see through my answers and these letters how I’ve changed. She has sent copies to my children. Two of the three have forgiven me, and one has been saved.

When we read testimonies like Troy’s, we can understand why the Bible so often associates God’s power with fire—a moving, dynamic force that ignites whatever it touches. And just as the Holy Spirit moved among Jesus’ disciples at Pentecost, the Holy Spirit continues to move in life-transforming ways among CBI students.

Together, we are bringing Christ’s healing power to our brothers and sisters in prison and, by the grace of God, to their families and communities as well. The Holy Spirit is working through CBI and we are deeply grateful for those who come alongside to help fan the cleansing flames of Jesus’ love, forgiveness and restoration.