prison doorPresident Barack Obama granted commutation to sixty-one prisoners last week, including Crossroad Bible Institute graduate Tairone Stanford.

The people granted commutation were serving long sentences under harsh drug laws that have since been reformed. Stanford was serving a life sentence in a Texas prison on drug convictions from 1999. His sentence is now set to expire on July 28.

He will re-enter society with a stronger faith and relationship with God, after years of studying the Bible in prison.

Stanford enrolled with Crossroad in 2001, completing every course by 2014. The Instructor for Stanford’s final course had this to say: “It has been a pleasure to work and study with Tairone. He has been an excellent student. His application of Scripture and the lessons are outstanding!”

Last year, Kimberly Westmoreland, another former CBI student, was also granted commutation. Obama has now commuted the sentences of 248 people in his presidency.

If you want to help prisoners, like Tairone, grow in their relationship with God, consider becoming a Crossroad Instructor.