Crossroad Brings FamilyCBI student Donald recently sent us the following letter. Donald is a Tier 1 student, and his daughter is enrolled in CBI’s Manga Messiah, a course created specifically for the children of prisoners. CBI was thrilled to hear yet another story of how God is restoring families through His Word.

Dear CBI,

Thank you so much for providing the Bible study courses. I am enjoying them and praying to be transformed by God’s Word.

My daughter has sent off for the studies for children. Even though we are apart, we can still study God’s Word together. Even at her age, she has already the beginning of a good foundation. She loves the Lord. I have not seen her in over one year, so I am very sad about this. But I know that God has given me this time to know Him better and to find His purpose for my life so that I will come back to my daughter a much better person and father. Please pray for us, that I can come home to her soon.

Thanks again. God bless you.

– Donald