matthewMatthew has called himself a Christian for more than thirty years, although he is quick to admit that most of that time he wasn’t truly following Jesus.

“I have been a Christian for thirty or forty years but a contract faith,” he said.

But after being sentenced to a Singapore prison on a drug conviction, he said he experienced a personal “revival.” While incarcerated, Matthew had no money and no resources but was able to find spiritual riches in reading and memorizing Scripture.

Feeling alive spiritually, Matthew began to reach out to his fellow prisoners with the Gospel. He saw several people get saved through his outreach.

Matthew said he then began to feel a call on his life to go into the ministry. He said he wanted to pursue a theological education but there were barriers in the way – financing and getting accepted into school.

But after being released to a drug rehabilitation center, God answered Matthew’s prayers. Matthew met Crossroad Singapore director Paul Tan who told him about Crossroad’s Bible study program.

“God answers prayers,” Matthew said. “God settled my money because Crossroad is free, settled my admission…and settled my application. I’ve already started the course with Paul.”

To learn more about CBI’s ministry in Singapore, click here. Watch Matthew’s video testimony below: