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For the past two years, Dr. Luz Rojas and her husband Enmanuel Soriano have been ministering in jails and prisons in the Dominican Republic. Luz and Enmanuel, who is a pastor, provide medical care, personal items, food and spiritual nourishment to the men and women behind bars. They have forged deep relationships with many of the them.

What they were missing, though, was strong Bible study material to disciple the prisoners. Until now. The husband and wife team have partnered with Crossroad Bible Institute and are preparing to bring CBI curriculum into Dominican prisons.

“They (Luz and Enmanuel) are greatly loved and respected for their love and work to provide medical help as well as the Gospel,” said Cynthia Williams, CBI’s director of international ministries. “They have been praying for a long time for some way to provide ongoing Bible study, and here we are.”

Williams recently visited the Dominican Republic to meet with Luz and Enmanuel, tour the prisons where they minister and to provide training for potential volunteers. More than one hundred people showed up for a training event last week.

“They were interested, responsive, excited and asked many questions. The enthusiasm is incredible,” Williams said.

After visiting multiple prisons and getting permission from prison officials to have CBI materials enter the facilities, Williams said she is even more excited about the partnership. “The needs are so great and it is going to be a great privilege to partner with her (Luz) to provide the valuable resource of Bible studies and discipleship to support her in her work in the prisons,” Williams said.

Luz and Enmanuel share in the anticipation of what God will do through the partnership. “There is strength for us to complete the great commission by bringing the word of hope to the forgotten,” Luz said.