malawiThe students from CBI Malawi continue to grow in the knowledge of God—especially the 6 students who are beginning the CBI college program. Wale Junaid, the director of CBI Malawi, reported 41 students actively participating across all tiers of study and 8 Instructors correcting the lessons.

CBI Malawi Instructor Samuel says, “God has not spared me from being transformed in the way the students have been. May the glory be to God who starts the work of salvation and brings it to manifestation in whoever believes in Him.”

Crossroad Bible Institute is active in 2 facilities, Mzuzu Prison and Mzimba Prison. Junaid reported that the program has garnered high praise and that the students’ graduation was featured on national television. Though Malawi’s prisons are overcrowded and outdated, the students there have an opportunity to know hope through the Word of God.