balieditedCrossroad Bible Institute’s international prison ministry in Singapore is active, thriving and ever expanding. After establishing the program in Cambodia last year, CBI Singapore is now extending into the island of Bali in Indonesia.

Paul Tan, director of CBI Singapore, is coordinating the effort with several churches in Bali. He traveled with two local pastors and their ministry teams to the prisons in Denpasar, Tanbana and Gianyar, where he shared about the CBI Bible study program.

Tan has also identified a local pastor to act as the coordinator for the CBI program in Bali. The new coordinator is active in prison ministry and outreach in the community and is already training new Instructors. These Instructors stand ready to provide personal guidance and mentoring to the students who enroll in the Bible study program.

Local leadership lies at the heart of CBI’s international ministry philosophy and is a major factor in the organization’s strong international presence. CBI believes that local pastors and churches are best equipped to work within the culture to meet the region’s specific needs. To that end, CBI provides local directors with guidance and materials, but each satellite campus cultivates its own support, staff and Instructors.

This strategic partnering means that each prison ministry truly belongs to the local churches that support it. Pray that God will strengthen those administering the CBI program in Indonesia and that through them He will bring His life-changing Word to prisoners.

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