CBI SG Committee & Special Guests
CBI Singapore recently celebrated its five-year anniversary as an official CBI satellite campus. Under the dynamic direction of Paul Tan, the ministry has grown to over one hundred and thirty students and seventy Instructors and has kick-started emerging satellite campuses in the Southeast Asian countries of Malaysia, Cambodia and Indonesia.

In September, CBI Singapore commemorated this milestone with a special evening of praise and thanksgiving. Tan noted that one of the highlights of the night was hearing Pastor Bobby John, acting director of CBI Malaysia, and Borakmony Chea, acting director of CBI Cambodia, give updates and praise reports on their ministries.

“Paul’s remarkable ability to connect with directors and students alike is truly a gift. His investment over the past five years has transformed Southeast Asia,” said CBI international coordinator Jacob Busscher. “May the Lord continue to bless Paul and his ministry team over the next five years and beyond!”