Crossroad Catering Services Singapore For CBI Nicaragua, some of the most highly anticipated events of the year are the graduation ceremonies held in December. Groups of Instructors organize these ceremonies as a way to encourage CBI students and celebrate their accomplishments.

On December 19, Instructors handed out fourteen certificates to students of the 2014 CBI Graduating Class in Matagalpa Prison. Although director Emerson Wilson could not attend due to health issues, he reported that the event was a great success to commemorate student milestones. “Our team did a terrific job,” he said.

CBI Nicaragua was founded in 2007 and functions under the direction of Emerson and his wife, Martina. Nicaraguan prisons often lack rehabilitation programs, and so CBI courses stand in the gap for many students who want to turn their lives around while living behind bars.

“These graduation ceremonies exemplify how Nicaraguan Instructors go the extra mile to honor their students’ successes,” said Sandra Chang Raak, CBI’s Spanish and Latin American coordinator. “I’m sure each Instructor would tell you that they learn just as much from their students as their students learn from them.”